About Us

GRIA Food Co. is a U.S.-based food company dedicated to bringing premium snacks from the continent of Africa straight to customers around the world. "GRIA" stands for Grown in Africa - a tribute to the hard-working producers we source from across the continent

GRIA was founded by Joshua Reed-Diawuoh in 2019. The son of parents who instilled in him great pride in his Ghanaian heritage, Joshua made his first trip back to Ghana in 2011 while he was in college. Joshua fell in love with a country that he had only known through books, pictures, stories, and through food. 

His early career brought him back to Ghana, where he helped the Ghanaian government draw new local investment in the agriculture sector. It was during this time that Joshua dedicated himself to supporting agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa and founding his own food company. GRIA took root over years of trips to Ghana to visit family and to learn more about the agriculture sector. 

Later, Joshua’s studies at MIT focused on sustainability and agricultural innovation helped shape the vision for the company. Taking a broader systems approach to GRIA, he's creating an integrated food company that works with its own partner farms and distributors in West Africa that employ sustainable agricultural practices and cut out intermediaries along the value chain. GRIA is committed to promoting value addition on the continent of Africa and expanding economic opportunity in the areas we source from.

The GRIA team works tirelessly to bring our vision to life, delivering snacks from the continent of Africa straight to you.